Oct, 2019 Will co-organize Network-Aware Big Data Computing workshop in CCGrid’20
Oct, 2019 Awarded Google Cloud Education Grant
Sep, 2019 Joined Dublin City University as an Assistant Professor in Computing
Jul, 2019 Joined the TPC of IEEE BigData2019 and IEEE IPDPS’20
Jul, 2019 Paper was accepted by HPEC'19
May, 2019 Papers were accepted by ASAP'19, JPDC and ICPP'19
May, 2019 The NEAC workshop has been successfully organized at IEEE/ACM CCGrid’19
Mar, 2019 Papers were accepted by WCNC'19 and TSC
Feb, 2019 Research visits in Beijing
Dec, 2018 Joined the ICT Europe 2018 in Vienna
Oct, 2018 The NEAC workshop proposal has been accpeted by CCGrid’19
Sep, 2018 Joined the TPC of ACM SAC’19, IEEE/ACM CCGrid’19 and IEEE IPDPS’19
Aug, 2018 Conference paper presentation at EuroPar’18 in Turin
Jul, 2018 Have started to work as a Marie Curie Fellow at PEL in UCD
May, 2018 Papers were accepted by Europar’18 and TCAD